Senior Grant Program

Every day, the Pearl Mae Foundation helps meet the urgent daily needs of low-income senior citizens by:

  • Making their homes safer with improvements, such as raised toilet seats, wheelchair ramps and handrails to prevent falls.
  • Bridging financial gaps by providing grants for things like co-payments and medical bills.
  • Stepping in to help financially in times of crisis to avoid escalation of the problem.

Individual must be 65 or older and live in Palm Beach County to be eligible for the Senior Citizen Grant.
Individual may receive a grant up to $500 per year.

To request assistance, the individual, a family member, or social worker must submit an application.

The application requires the following information:
1. Description of the specific need or service requested with an explanation of how the individual is in a situation to request the need
2. Documentation validating said need (bills, prescriptions, referrals, etc.)
3. Social Security or income verification (bank statements, etc.)

The Pearl Mae Foundation, Inc. will provide benefits regardless of the individual’s sex, religion, handicap, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or other discrimination factors including insured or non-insured status.

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