Make a Difference
In a Senior’s Life.

Our Mission


Provide Fresh, Healthy Groceries

to meet the nutritional needs for low-income senior citizens.


Provide Supplemental Financial Support

to help meet the daily needs for low-income senior citizens.


Provide Tuition Scholarships

to students who want to focus their careers/lives in the healthcare and first responder fields.

The Challenge

Problem 1

As Americans continue to live longer, many are faced with decreasing abilities and increasing needs.

Problem 2

For many seniors, Social Security is their only source of income. The average monthly payout to retired workers was $1,230 in 2012 (U.S. Social Security Administration 2012). Unfortunately, many are dependent on the fixed funds every month and are constantly under finical pressure due to the cost of living and health conditions.

Problem 3

These seniors would prefer to age within their own homes instead of nursing homes or other costly medical facilities.


The Solution

Solution 1

Offering supplemental grants for the growing senior population for things like co-payments and medical bills.

Solution 2

Facilitating home improvements to make the home safe for seniors and to prevent injuries.

Solution 3

Stepping in to help financially in times of crisis to avoid escalation of the problem.

Solution 4

Providing tuition scholarships to students who want to focus studies on health care and first responder fields in order to help service the demands of the growing senior population.

Thank you to our sponsors